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We have Evolved into a College now03rd Mar, 2024

We are thrilled to announce a momentous milestone in our educational journey. After fifteen years of dedication and growth, our beloved school is evolving into a college! Affiliated with Federal Board (FBISE Code: 0011), this transformation marks a significant chapter in our story, reflecting not only our past achievements but also our commitment to providing even greater opportunities for our students.

Since our inception in 2008, we have remained steadfast in our mission as an Islamic School to nurture young minds, impart faith, foster creativity, and cultivate a passion for learning.

As we embark on this new chapter, we are excited to introduce three options for HSSC:

  1. Pre-Medical
  2. Pre-Engineering
  3. Computer Science

This expansion reflects our unwavering commitment to providing our students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive global landscape. Whether they aspire to become doctors, engineers, programmers, or leaders in any other field, we are dedicated to supporting their journey every step of the way. Our solar powered, air-conditioned campus is well suited for an uninterrupted learning experience.

InshaAllah with the right intention, faculty and facilities we will continue to groom the next generation of Muslims.

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Top Scorers Matric 202107th Oct, 2021

The result of Class 9 (SSC-I) & 10 (SSC-II) for the Federal Board (FBISE) examination 2021 has been announced and by the grace of Almighty Allah, our students have achieved remarkable grades. This could not have been possible without the untiring efforts of our teaching staff, diligent hard work of our students, as well as the continuous support of parents. Alhamdulillah all our students of Class 10 have scored A+ grades with an average percentage of 94.2%, with five students securing 1000+ marks in their board examinations. Students of Class 9 have also secured an over of 89.9%. A feat that becomes even more impressive for Olives school because this is only our second batch of students, a welcome feat that helps to remove the stigma towards Islamic schools.

This year has been very challenging because of the COVID-19 situation, as education in Pakistan has been affected throughout the pandemic. Schools were closed and online schooling was in place, regular classes were affected, and syllabus was subjected to changes. But with the hard work of our teachers, we were able to create an environment of enthusiasm for learning, appreciation, and motivation for our students. In addition to this, the support from parents has been commendable in this difficult time. Undoubtedly it is the combined support of teachers and parents helped ours students to focus on their studies and achieve such a remarkable result.

We are extremely happy and express our sincere gratitude to Allah for bestowing His blessings and to everyone for all the prayers. We wish our students the very best of luck for their future endeavors.

Olives School is committed to providing the best in schooling, education that works to embolden students and groom them to be leaders and decision makers. We strive to provide quality Islamic education as well as STEM education that is line with modern standards. A good deal of focus is given to provide a conducive environment where students are encouraged to think outside the box, developing essential creative and problem solving skills, skills that are incredibly important in today’s world. Olives School performs its duty committed to the ideal that we are grooming future leaders that will bring positive impact and change to our society.

For those that are new to our page, Olives is an Islamic school in Rawalpindi, Pakistan that focuses on providing quality education that emphasizes Islamic education and practice, alongside learning STEM education and key soft skills, such as critical thinking, problems solving, decision making, team building and team leading, emotional intelligence, and more. Integrating a sense of Islamic identity is a major focus for Olives School as we feel that it is important to provide children a strong Islamic identity as the foundation for their personality. Join Olives School in its mission to provide the best in education and grooming.

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Online Classes 202028th Jun, 2020

Respected Parents

We are going through a time of major upheaval to our normal routines and ways of life and there’s a great deal of unusual disturbance around us. While no one is sure yet how long this online learning will continue, but we know that it won’t last forever, inshaAllah.

Children take cues from parents and teachers’ behaviour and attitudes, so it is important to communicate calm, confidence and optimism that we will pull through the crisis together. Managing our own emotions and problems will help our children stay focused on learning.

Online classes for Grade 3-10 have been planned till the Government allows schools to be reopened.

The guidance below will help you to make the best of new and unfamiliar distance learning. It will help you to be ready for more practical aspects of learning from home.

  1. Select or set up an area that’s dedicated to online class, make sure it is quiet, free from distraction and has a good internet connection.
  2. Monthly evaluation will be based on assignments and attendance. Objective is to ensure maximum attendance and practice of concepts done in the class.
  3. Students will do the exercise on loose sheets and write assignment number on top of the sheet along with topic and date to keep record of topics done in the class.
  4. Students will keep the assignments in a clear bag provided by school.
  5. Assignments and written work for correction will be submitted to school at the end of every month. Date and day will be shared in the relevant WhatsApp group. As it is known to you that due to COVID-19, teaching staff is not available in school except for fixed days, so kindly drop the solved assignments on due date so that assignments can be checked on time.
  6. Profile pictures and status of ALL group members should NOT be objectionable.
  7. Remind your child to be polite, respectful and appropriate in their communications and to follow school guidelines in their interactions with teachers and class fellows during class.
  8. Video or audio recording of online class is NOT allowed.
  9. In case your child can not attend the class, the teacher will not teach that topic again. Like regular school policy, you have to contact his/her class fellow for missing work or take help from solved images/notes shared in the relevant WhatsApp group.
  10. Maintain healthy parent teacher relationship and positive interactions. Teachers will MAINLY be communicating regularly through online class, students are encouraged to ask questions there or the next day during class. If the students or parents have concerns let relevant coordinator know through a text or short/to the point voice message between 1:00pm to 4:00pm but understand it may take few hours or a day for us to respond. (Calls will NOT be entertained)
  11. Parents are NOT allowed to disturb the class at any stage. Teachers will only entertain student’s query during the class.
  12. Traditional school days provide students a disciplined life, this is hard for parents to replicate it in distance online learning so look for the things that can be used as reward for your child.
  13. Please download Zoom app. You can watch the video Tutorial for downloading and understanding zoom app on YouTube.

Principal and teachers will keep you updated with other instructions in the relevant WhatsApp groups.

Jazakumullah khairan for your cooperation.

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